Dawse are energy stealers. They belittle, they bully, they take away from. Dawse are energy vampires who prey upon whomever the can, whomever is near, to get their ‘fix.’ Dawse attempt to rob others of their high vibration in hopes of making themselves feel better, not realizing they will never be able to fill the vacuum of darkness in their heart.

In “The Game of Shepherd and Dawse,” Dickey Duckley and Sally Sour are Dawse through and through. Each feels justified in tearing down others for their own purposes. Emotional pain and suffering becomes almost a currency for them, a currency trap they feel compelled to repeat wherever they go.

Loving and energizing others is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves to avoid the drain of a Dawse. By keep our vibrations high and remaining in service to others, we can deflect Dawsey energy more easily and help others to thrive as well.



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