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When the game of Shepherd and Dawse begins, there are two opposing and distinct teams of people and through fate, and perhaps divine intervention, the two tribes eventually meet, commingle and interbreed.

“After the amalgamation of the two tribes was completed, there would never again be a person who was 100 percent Shepherd or 100 percent Dawse. The most any person can be this far on in the game is nine–tenths of either tribe.

“If a person is born of a Shepherd nature and then becomes nasty, lazy, mean, destructive and self-destructive, then team Dawse has won that soul, another point to them.

“In the same way, if a person is born nasty, selfish, devious and destructive but finds a better way of life through being nurtured by those around them and applying themselves to live a better life, then that becomes a victory for team Shepherd. This tug of war for souls is going on all the time and some people are targeted more than others.”

♠️♦️ THE GAME ♥️♣️

🔸🔹A Cosmic Battle🔹🔸
✔️✔️of Good & Evil ✔️✔️

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