“There was one topic [in Shepherd Wood] that would be a regular theme and that was the topic of love. But even in Shepherd Wood, love didn’t happen in the same way it happens today. In today’s society, people work hard to convince themselves they’ve found true love, whereas most of the time it is nothing more than two people who get on rather well, minus the odd argument here or there.


“The one piece of knowledge instilled in every child of Shepherd Wood, without fail, was that to find true love you had to become the best person you could possibly be and utilize all of your talents and gifts. Some people did this very quickly and some people took much longer, depending on how important true love was to them.


“And because this was how residents found true love, it proved an amazing motivator for people to always strive to be better than what they were. This meant there were people who could do the most amazing things, not just with their hands and bodies but with their minds and voices as well.”


By first loving yourself, you invite more love into your life and add more life to the love you have to offer. Enjoy the journey, smell a few roses. Allow the process of letting-go of all that no longer serves you. It’s weighing you down. Listen to your heart. What is it’s true desire? What makes your heart sing? Listen to this calling and focus on becoming the best version of ‘you’ you can be and in the process, love will unfold all around you. ♥️


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