Dream Day Academy

“The activity of dreaming is an activity in which there is made a finely wrought and excellently fashioned bridge from conscious to unconscious. In this state the various distortions which have occurred in the energy web of the body complex, due to the misprision with which energy influxes have been received, are healed. With the proper amount of dreaming comes the healing of these distortions. Continued lack of this possibility can cause seriously distorted mind/body/spirit complexes.” ~Ra

In Shepherd Wood, workshops and classes to nourish the soul were often held.

“By far the most popular class was the Dream Day class, held in the amphitheater. To take part in this class, each participant would have to stay awake all night the night before.

“Classes would start at 6 am, when they would find a comfortable spot to lie down and slowly drift into a dream. Every 10 minutes, the dream catcher (the person in charge of the class) would very gently hit a gong and by doing this, the day dreamer would stay in the brain pattern of theta mode and not fall into the deep sleep of delta mode, giving each person lots of dreams.

“Every hour on the hour the dream catcher would hit a larger gong and everyone would awaken from their dream state and share what they had learned and where they had travelled to. There would be three dream journeys throughout the day and the better someone became at it, the more amazing things they do in their dreams. Everyone loved dream day classes, so everyone had to wait in turn until it was their day to take part again. This worked well as nobody spent too much time in the dream world and kept a healthy balance with mother Earth and father sky.”

Take time to dream. Take time to breathe life into your dreams. Live your dreams. 💜

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