Sustainable living in Shepherd Wood

👉Sustainable gardening, as they practiced in Shepherd Wood, provided all the nourishment and tools the inhabitants ever needed.👈

✔️ Now, govenrments and individuals are catching up with this ancient knowledge. ✔️

“There was another reason why the peoples of [Shepherd Wood] valued and respected trees so much and that was because the trees provided so much of the nourishment that they needed and also provided so many of the materials that they used on a daily basis.

“Every year the whole community would harvest the forest and replenish their food stocks for the coming winter. They would harvest hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts which would be kept for themselves and also to feed to the wild pigs, which would give the meat a very nice flavour. They would collect apples, pears, plums and cherries which would be dried and stored for a later date.

“They used the oak trees for the structures of their houses and used crushed acorns to make flour with as well as an ancient style of coffee. They used the ash tree to make charcoal with as well as handles for tools and bespoke furniture. They used birch trees to make containers from its bark, and they would tap the tree for its resin and to make wine from.

“There was also a great supply of berries and vegetables which would be harvested every year, while always leaving plenty for the regeneration of the forest. Shepherd Wood was a living, breathing supermarket that had practically everything that anyone could want or need, and so long as the woodland was managed in the proper manner, it would always stay that way.”

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